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Brendan & Valerie at the old House of Blues, Boston

Brendan & Valerie at the old House of Blues, Boston

Valerie & I had a wonderful time at the Duet Clinic today.  The theme of our presentation was on “listening.”

When it comes down to it, playing duets is same as having a conversion with someone.  There are ways to be considerate and ways to be rude.  Listening to the other player, and giving support when needed is crucial.  Having a clear statement when you are the lead voice is also important.  Thinking about what you have said and what you want to say in a solo is the same concentration that you use when telling a story about what happened during your day.  

We also talked about some concrete guitar techniques.  Chord inversions, Tiny Triads and Ranges of Instruments, were just a few of our Guitober Clinic topics.  Resources files for the class can be downloaded here:

 Thanks for coming out!
– Brendan Burns

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