Jay’s Repair Clinic

Our Final Clinic this year was Jay’s Repair Clinic.  Jay is the senior guitar tech at Mr. Music in Allston.  He came in to talk about considerations when purchasing a new guitar, how to assess your own guitar and how to maintain & do simple repairs at home.  Topics included:


  • examining a guitar for cracks 
  • examining the “true” of a neck
  • changing strings
  • cleaning the fretboard
  • input jack repair & maintenance
  • maintaining proper humidity
  • pickup adjustments
  • fret erosion and dents
  • problems associated with the nut
  • saddle adjustments
  • how to set intonation
  • tremolo-bar spring adjustments
  • fret buzz fixes
He also suggested the following resources: 
Jay was also kind enough to give participants a 10% Guitober Discount on all Accessories at Mr. Music.  
Thanks Jay!

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