Guitober 2013

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2013 celebrates our sixth year of Guitober at Brookline Music School and we have six exciting things to share with you!

1. GuiOpen Mic @ Cafe Nicholas in Washington Square – Sundays, 6-8pm

Every GuiSunday, this Guitober will  feature a special guest GuiPerformance by Brookline Music School’s GuiFaculty.  Come join us, play some tunes and enjoy the GUIPIZZA!!!!

  • GuiSunday, the 6th: Scott Pittman
  • GuiSunday, the 13th: Nick Grondin
  • GuiSunday, the 20th: Brendan Burns & Jussi Reijonen
  • GuiSunday, the 27th: Will Dick

2.  GuiString Changing Event with DR Strings

DR Strings will be hosting a String Changing Event at Mr. Music on Saturday, Guitober 12th from 1-4pm in celebration of Guitober.  This will be free & open to the public.  Bring your guitar and DR will give you a free set of strings to be put on by Mr. Music’s excellent GuiStaff.  Be sure to tell your friends!  Free Strings!! Facebook Invite.


Your GuiFaculty has compiled and epic YouTube Playlist for Guitober 2013 featuring our favorite and most inspiring GuiVideos online.  Check it out in the lobby of the 25 Kennard Building on our Brookline Music School YouTube page.

4. GUIRECITAL!  Guitober 29th, 7:30pm

This is your chance to shine in a student-led guitar recital.  Sign up directly with your teacher.

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Thanks to D’Addario, Steve Clayton & DR Strings for donating tons of great Guitober GuiLoot!

4006537951_8bc2001042_m dr-strings-260 www.steveclayton
6. GuiOrnaments!

Visit the 2nd Floor of the 25 Kennard building and add a guitar ornament to our GuiSculpture.





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